In over 25 film festivals Domestic & Internationally  Winning Awards for BEST COMEDY SHORT, BEST DIRECTOR,   BEST ACTRESS, BEST ENSEMBLE CAST, BEST TV/WEB SERIES,              JURY AWARD AND HONORABLE MENTION.

Here’s Jane takes you on a roller coaster of laughs as we go along for the ride with Jane and Heather, two dingy BFF’s in their 30’s, as they meander through life, trying to conquer their dreams while leaving a crazy path of destruction behind them.

Jane is a little bit hippy, a lot dippy and slightly rock n roll.  A free spirit, working in the mall as a salesgirl at Forever 21 waiting to be discovered as a reality star.  Tightly gripping onto her youth, not happy about being 35, she dresses age inappropriately, dates a 22 year old nightclub promoter and lies to him about her age.  She saunters though life on a whim, as entrepreneurial ventures seem to easily fall into her lap.  The only problem is, she’s not bright enough to ever have any of them pan out and usually leaves whomever is closest to her at the time, tangled on the wrong end of one of her hair-brain ideas.


Heather is Jane’s lifelong best friend and roommate.  She’s also 35, uptight, annoying, but gorgeous with a knock out bod.  She is obsessed with all forms of fitness and her dream is to own a Pilates studio.  She’s working as a waitress at Hooters while in her 9th year of Community College and still nowhere near getting her degree.  She’s the complete opposite of Jane. 


Together they share a dumpy studio apartment in a shady neighborhood of East Los Angles where once again they're about to be evicted, when Jane comes up with another scheming plan on how to become instant millionaires.  Just when they think their problems are over, a fiasco ensues involving two crooked cops, an enterprising drug dealer and their socially awkward and creepy landlord, "Hitler".

A hilarious cast of colorful characters taking you on an over the top comedic thrill ride.